Welcome to Tazzina, the culinary home of Chef & Owner Jason Zukas.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, Jason’s earliest food memories come from the aromatics of his Italian-American family’s kitchen. While life did not bring him the opportunity to attend culinary school, Jason was determined to bring his dreams to fruition. He soaked up every book he could read and took advantage of his proximity to one of the culinary capitals of the world. Jason made some of the best
restaurants in New York City his classroom, and in turn, gained a practical experience from climbing the ladder in the kitchens of some of Manhattan’s most illustrious chefs. Jason deems this experience more valuable than what any formal education could have provided. In fact, Jason was featured on the second season premiere of Food Network’s hit show
“Chopped” where he reigned supreme and was crowned the winner. The following year, Jason returned to compete on “Chopped Champions” and earned 2nd place in the final competition. Today, Tazzina reflects the Old World culinary sensibility which initially inspired him, tied in with his Nouveau flair. Buon Appetito!

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